Taking Care of Me

My year of 2014 started off in the need to care for myself. My doctor took me out of work Jan 6, to keep me off my feet to prevent premature labor. So since it was for my unborn baby, I followed doctor’s orders and took care of myself. I still had the baby early, […]

7 Steps to Strengthen your Immune System

(I don’t remember where this info came from) The body is very intelligent and the body knows when to release hormones and chemicals. They release them to fight infections, breathe, heart beat, fight or flight response……so on….. Stress is the physical result of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. A continual state of hyperalertness depletes hormones, decreases […]

Fear vs Love

The only real thing in this world is L-O-V-E! So if you are not feeling love then what you are feeling is not real. When you are in a state of fear, hate, anger…. It doesn’t matter they are all the same thing because they are not love. You have to think where is it […]


Manifestation: a :  the act, process, or an instance of manifesting b  :  something that manifests or is manifest c :  an occult phenomenon; specifically :  materialization d:  a public demonstration of power and purpose Each one of us provides the energy, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, that fuels our own life. We create the energy that moves through us so we can achieve we set out […]

Inner Child Healing helps with Manifestation

Is your inner child free and playful? Or is she balled up crying in a corner all alone? All inner child healing has to deal with mom and dad. We all have mom and dad issues. In order for our inner child to feel safe and free, we must heal our childhood issues. All of […]

Manifesting my Staff

     Okay, so I’m doing my  shaman apprenticeship.  I’m learning all these new things. I’m having fun!      One night, I just got off the phone and I walk to the living room. Where I was sitting was one of my books and it was turned to a page. I don’t know how […]

Inner Child

 INNER CHILD I have been working a lot lately on how to free my “inner child”. People have told me many times through out my life, “just relax or just have fun”. I really am sort of uptight and I have had many traumatic experiences other than childbirth that has created a lot of fear […]

Self Care

The one thing I have been really working on is SELF CARE. As a mother, a nurse, a healer, a sister…… I tend to want to help others. I always want to go above and beyond to make some one happy or make them feel better. On the other hand I put myself aside. Once […]

The Tree Story

  The baby is in his stroller and I am sitting right next to him on a bench. In front of us is a huge tree hovering over us. The baby is looking up and giggling away. He just learned he could laugh a few days ago when his daddy was pretending he was an […]

My journey of manifesting happiness

Summer 2013, one morning I was going through a bag of paperwork, and I find an old black and red journal. I open it and a few pages into it. It reads in big bold letters.   06/2011         TO DO: Send kids airplane money (they were vacationing with their grandparents in […]