Level I – Healer Non-Practising – That is you are attuned but wish to use the energy for your own purpose. The MTFOL Fee is not payable for this attunement level but you are not permitted to act in a professional healing capacity if choosing this attunement level. At this level the energy is used more for self development and healing family and friends but not in a professional, active practitioner capacity. If you then wish to go onto be an active practitioner you must alert the MTFOL, forward your MTFOL Fee of £30 (one-off payment for membership) and the amended certification to show you as an active practitioner will be sent to you. Your details will then be input into the Practitioner register.

Level II Healer – Active Practitioner – That is you are attuned to actively practice as a Metatronia Therapist. The MTFOL fee is payable at this level. Please visit the for further Details. You must alert your attuner to the level you require as the official certificates are issued according to the level you choose. Only Active practitioners show on the Metatronia Practitioner Register.

Level III Master Healer/Attuner – Active Practitioner – That is you are attuned to the final master level. The MTFOL fee is payable at this level regardless of whether you will be using for your own or to heal others.



The first part of the attunement process you will receive a workbook and Q/A to see if you are suitable for this attunement. Once this is clarified then the attunement process will begin.

The Attunement to Metatronia Therapy® will take about 1 hour approx. and will be distantly.You will be required beforehand to have a full day of rest; this is needed before and after the attunement as it is an initiation process that brings in a very high vibrational energy.

I will email you after the attunement either the same day or the day after to find out how you are. Know that many changes take place after the attunement, some can take a few months as the energy settles and you begin to notice a difference in the way you think/feel. This can be subtle or it can be like a major shift. We are all different so it can vary. The best way is to not expect anything, and just allow yourself to be still, relaxed and just be.



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