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You may feel very relaxed and fall asleep. You may see lights or colors. (If you do write them down and send them to me, and I can give you meanings.) You may feel heat or cold sensation. You may feel tingling or energy surges. You may feel very light and it may feel like […]


This healing system opens you up to this new remarkable healing process. The energy goes straight to your heart and heals from the inside out. The beautiful energies help you to become calm and focused. This will help you live more in the NOW.   Find a time where you will be able to relax […]

Self Care

The one thing I have been really working on is SELF CARE. As a mother, a nurse, a healer, a sister…… I tend to want to help others. I always want to go above and beyond to make some one happy or make them feel better. On the other hand I put myself aside. Once […]

The Tree Story

  The baby is in his stroller and I am sitting right next to him on a bench. In front of us is a huge tree hovering over us. The baby is looking up and giggling away. He just learned he could laugh a few days ago when his daddy was pretending he was an […]


My journey of manifesting happiness

Summer 2013, one morning I was going through a bag of paperwork, and I find an old black and red journal. I open it and a few pages into it. It reads in big bold letters.   06/2011         TO DO: Send kids airplane money (they were vacationing with their grandparents in […]


The first thing I did was close my eyes and breathe before I started, and I saw my spirit guide. Not sure what his name is, but I have seen him a few times before. This time he was was yellow/ gold and the shadow made up his face. Still very stern with no smile […]