♥♥♥ WOW ive just had a healing done by the beautiful Melynda and i have never known pain to dissappear as it has  i will definately be having more healings done on my spine and hips in future, well done Melynda, you are my earth angel much love and blessings xxxxxxxxxxChristine


 ♥♥♥ As a nurse, I’ve developed a mindset that a pill will fix whatever symptom we may have. Melynda has proven that wrong and has opened my eyes to other aspects of healing. The first healing she did for me, I was at work with a migraine. I was holed up in the office with the lights out, a cold compress on my forehead and the back of my neck, had just vomited, and taken every pill I had in my bag. Going on 3 hrs, the pain just kept getting worse. She told me she was going to do a healing, to plant my feet on the floor and focus on my breathing. At this point, I was ready to try anything. About 15 minutes later, she asked how I was feeling. I opened my eyes to gage how I felt, and nothing. To my amazement, I felt absolutely nothing. The pain was gone. Since then, I have complete belief in her and look forward to what else she will do for others…Joane

♥♥♥ Hi, just want to say how spot on you are. You mentioned asking the pendulum, and got January 2015, and if I was moving into a new house. Just can’t believe this…. I have just brought a house, that is rented out till then. But once they move out I will be moving in. The strange thing is I have kept this quite, not wanting people to know. You are amazing!!, Bless you xoxoxMF


♥♥♥I have experienced a few readings from her now, and they were very accurate and detailed! I feel like she had a good view into my perspective through my emotional experience right now.


♥♥♥I would like to THANK Melynda so very much for her reading and energy session. I think Melynda is absolutely FANTASTIC and AMAZING how she was able to pick on me through her reading of me without EVER TALKING TO ME!! On top of that the energy session was one the BEST EXPERIENCES of my life!! I TRULY felt SO MUCH BETTER after the energy session!! I feel BLESSED to have made contact with Melynda and will stay in contact with her. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN!!-L.B.

♥♥♥Loved the reading! My anxiety tries to stop me from having fun achieving my goals. Always a what if game I have to constantly tell myself that I have to conquer my fears to move on.-S.E


♥♥♥I am amazing after the reading and healing! i don’t even know how to describe it…like, I feel like the sun is shooting out the middle of my chest…my mind is calm, my heart is no longer lonely..even the things that would normally stress me out aren’t…I’m just in such a good place…-F

♥♥♥Metatronia Therapy Healing- A cricket let me no it was time. I felt a soft whirling breeze come in my door and wrap itself around me. I did see a lot of colors. I felt two white feather brush my whole body. I felt your present. I felt like we were in communication. I placed my crystal one way first and I felt I should turn over on my stomach and place the crystals another way. I felt soft light waves brush over through the whole session. I kept see this little white dot through the whole session. it was like seeing the moon in overcast weather . I heard the cricket again and I new we were finished. what a great expeinces I feel calm today. I slept really great last night.

♥♥♥I want to thank Celestial Soul Healing for clearing my energy and taking away my back pain. For several days I had been taking traditional western medications with minimal relief. After the first session, my pain was minimal. A few minutes more and my pain was completely gone. I know a lot of people are nonbelievers and will not try anything outside of the normal healthcare system, but I am here to testify that non traditional methods work and may be the road to the relief abs healing you are searching for.I am extremely grateful for the healing I have received!-Andrea


♥♥♥Melynda did a 1 card draw for me that was so spot on for where I am at that it felt like she was looking directly at my heart when she read it. Her intuition was right on. I will definitely be going to her for more extensive readings in the future. Very very pleased with the reading!